Daycare Centre

Baba Egyetem is a family daycare centre that supervises babies of 20 weeks old and teaches small children of 3-4 years old. Besides holding family days and special ocassion parties, it also has room hire and baby hotel (sleepover) services.

Baba Egyetem

Szeged 6753, Honfoglalás Utca 69, - GPS: N 46 15.669 E 20 12.302GPS MAP - E-mail - Website - Facebook - Tel: 06 62 253 786 - Mob: 06 30 232 2737 - Open: 7am to 5pm (Monday-Friday).

Madách School

Imre Madach is a Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School that teaches English one hour per day, for five days, up to 4th Grade (from 6 to 10 years old).

Madách School

Szeged 6721, Madách Utca 20 - GPS: N 46 15.495 E 20 08.686GPS MAP - E-mail - Website - Class: 8am to 2:15pm (Mon-Fri) - Tel: 06 62 420 549 - Fax: 06 62 420 849 / 06 62 310 290.

Useful Contact Details And Website Links

Baby Care - Childrens Shop - Stationery - Games

On this web page is a list of website links and contact details of professionals and shops you might want to consider visiting/contacting for the purpose of staying in Szeged for a while with one or more children/babies and/or to recommend to your potential tenants/tourists with one or more children/babies.

When I first started staying in Szeged I wondered where I could find a good hairdresser, bicycle shop, book shop, stationer, watch repairer and so on. After trial and error, and some help from Tünde and her son, I found the shops and services I needed. Now I have extended this search to childrens shops and activities. Hopefully you will find these resources useful.

Baby Center (Baby Products Shop)

6724 Szeged, Kisteleki Ede Utca 12, Hungary
MOB: 06 70 458 3107
TEL: 06 62 485 600
E-mail  -  Website  -  Shopping Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 15.927 E 20 07.916GPS Map

Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm

This babycare centre (shop) consists mainly of clothing, buggies, toys and standard accessories such as milk bottles, nappies and dummies and simply serves as a convenience shop to their larger ranged online shop called Yoops. When I went to look around the staff were very helpful, even though they did not speak English, and the shop was very spacious looking (uncluttered) whereby things were easy to see/find.

Babycare Centre Szeged

This company has an impressive product range listed on their online baby care shop

Regio Játék (Toy Shop)

Szeged 6721, Felső Tisza-Part 16, Hungary
TEL: 06 62 622 035
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 15.419 E 20 09.687GPS Map

Monday - Thursday: 9am - 6pm
Friday - Saturday: 9am - 8pm

Regio Játék is a very nice toy shop that sells a host of products aimed at babies and children. ABC learning tools, tea sets, cars, action figures, barbie dolls, puzzle, jigsaws, balls, cards, magic sets and cuddly toys among other products. Many of them you might remember from your own childhood.

Szeged Toy Shop

This shop has a nice collection of classic and modern toys for the whole family

Brendon (Baby Products Shop)

6724 Szeged, Petresi 8 / Rókusi Körút 90, Hungary
MOB: 06 70 339 7000
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 16.093 E 20 07.987GPS Map

Monday - Saturday: 9am - 7pm
Sunday: 9am - 6pm

This baby shop is within walking distance of the above mentioned Baby Center and quite similar in products too. Brendon also stock baby furniture such as baby armchairs, themed coat hangers and beddings; as well as car seats, clothing, breast feeding material, books, cds, toys and maternity diaries. Prices are reasonable and affordable.

Babycare Centre Szeged

This baby centre is quite near to the other Baby Center shop mentioned above

Lego Shop (Toy Shop)

Szeged 6723, Budapesti Körút 6, Hungary
TEL: 06 30 472 2011
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 16.049 E 20 10.005GPS Map

Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm

This offline lego shop might be small and 'out of town' but it does stock quite a wide range of lego kits. And if you need a wider range of products you should visit their website that also acts as an online shop with many more products on it.

Szeged Lego Shop

If you are a lego fan who needs a dedicated lego shop Letsgoszeged is worth a visit