Fő Taxi Cabin

As you exit Budapest Airport you will see Fő Taxi, the officially licensed taxi firm in partnership with Budapest Airport, in front of you.

Fő Taxi Cabin

A taxi ride from BUD Airport to Budapest City (Deák Ferenc Tér) currently costs €25 (around £20) and takes around 30-40 minutes.

Szeged Taxis

Taxi companies in Szeged charge more or less the same price per km/mile and can normally be found in the city centre and near Szeged train station.

Radio Taxi SzegedRadio Taxi Szeged

Radio Taxis and Tempo Taxis are the two well known firms.

Tempo Taxi SzegedTempo Taxi Szeged

Tempo's website is in English, details its prices and tells you the whereabouts of its taxi stands. All very important info for the "Foreigner".

2017 Living Costs In Hungary

Taxi Firms - Taxi Fares - Urban Areas - Sample Journeys

Below you will find information about taxi firms, their regulations, their fares and some sample journeys I have taken myself.

As many people use public transport, the bicycle and walking as methods of getting from A to B the taxi is not really used that much by the general public. Even tourists only tend to use a taxi for travelling from a train station or an event to their hotel.


Taxis in Budapest charge a Basic Fee ('just got into the taxi' fee) of 450 HUF (£1.20) plus a Mileage Fee of 280 HUF (74p) per kilometer. If they have to wait for you, for whatever reason(s), they will also charge a Waiting Fee of 70 HUF (18p) per minute. These fees have been standardised by Budapest city council, so every taxi firm charges the same fees, with the mileage fee being classed as a Tariff 1 fee.

With standardised taxi fees in Budapest, this means a trip from the Parliament building (Kossuth Lajos Tér 1) to the Csarnok Vendéglő restaurant (Hold Utca 11), just over one kilometer, should cost around 814 HUF (£2.17); because it is within Budapest and within District V (5) in this case.

Taxi Fares And RURAL AREAS

If your taxi journey exits the border of Budapest, and therefore enters a rural area, the taxi driver can charge you a Tariff 2 (rural area) mileage fee for that rural area part of the journey. And if your journey starts inside a rural area anyway, you should be charged a rural area (tariff 2) mileage fee; until you reach Budapest, where the mileage fee should change to tariff 1. Tariff 2 is currently charged at 560 HUF (£1.49) per kilometer.

Some Budapest TAXI FIRMS

Here are a sample of taxi firms that operate in Budapest:

Just like in many capital cities, the locals find taxi fares too expensive to be used as a regular form of transport. Locals might see a three kilometer journey costing 1,290 HUF (£3.44) as an unavoidable one-off trip from A to B (i.e. from their home to the hospital), but taking another trip B to C or B back to A would be seen as "too expensive" already.


On the internet you may hear stories of rip-off taxis taking longer routes, doubling the fare because it is past 8 O'clock and that you should never flag down a taxi in the street. However, this is not really true as taxi firms are very tightly regulated. They must give a receipt, must have a special YELLOW Background licence plate (as opposed to a standard white background license plate) and are monitored by the tax office.

In other words: They would be more afraid of the taxman, especially if their rip-off receipt is shown to the taxman and/or they are reported to your hotel, simply because they would be heavily fined, possibly have their licence revoked or be out of business. Of course you can find rip-off taxis, but not really by the regulated commercial taxis.


Below are actually timed recordings of taxi journeys I have taken in Hungary during 2017. They document journeys that a local Hungarian and/or tourist might take during their own stay in Hungary; journeys that you might also take. Fares include a tip of around 10%. I find it easier to just add 150 to the fare or round up to the thousand. Examples: Fare 1,350 - I give 1,500. Fare 1,800 - I give 2,000.

Szeged Apartment to Szeged Train Station - 4.7 Km - 11 minutes - 2,000 HUF.

Kecskemét Train Station to Széchenyiváros - 2.7 Km - 7 minutes - 1,500 HUF.