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BP Transfer Ticket

If you do not want to pay for two seperate transport rides (350 HUF each ride/ticket), you can buy a Transfer Ticket (530 HUF) valid for two rides between metro trains, buses, trams and so on.

Budapest Transfer Ticket

Your first trip is valid for 100 minutes and your second trip (the transfer) is valid for 80 minutes, but your transfer must be taken within the first 100 minutes. See the BKK Transport T&Cs.

Daily Travel Pass

This 24 Hour travel pass is valid on the metro, tram, trolley bus, bus and boat in and around Budapest city centre.

Daily Travel PassBudapest Daily Travel Pass

It is ideal for visiting residential areas as well as tourist areas.

Common Bus Lines/Routes In Budapest

The Autóbusz Lines/Routes And 100E Airport Shuttle Bus

Budapest has a total of 248 Autóbusz lines, some of which you will find details of below, which means you can travel virtually anywhere within Budapest by Autóbusz alone. Where applicable, I have mentioned some of the main routes that may be of interest to a tourist, student, someone living in Budapest (off/on) and/or someone thinking of buying a property in Budapest.


Budapest now has an Airport Shuttle Bus service, the 100E, that travels from Budapest International Airport to Budapest city centre; and back. The exact route, which should take 30-40 Minutes, is: Liszt Ferenc Airport (Terminal 2) - Kálvin Tér (Metro station) - Astoria (Metro station) - Deák Ferenc Tér (Metro station). The stops at Kálvin Tér and Astoria are to drop passengers off only.

The first bus leaves Budapest airport at 5am, with other buses leaving every 20 Minutes from then. The last bus leaves Budapest airport at 1:20am (the following morning). The return journey is: Deák Ferenc Tér (Metro station) - Liszt Ferenc Airport (Terminal 2). It is also expected to take 30-40 Minutes. The first bus from the city (Deák Ferenc Tér metro station) leaves at 3:40am and the last bus from the city leaves at 12:40am (the following morning).

A single, one-way, ticket currently costs 900 HUF (around £2.46) and can be bought from a BKK Ticket Machine (Card or Cash), A BKK Customer Service Centre (Card or Cash) or On-Board The Bus itself (exact change needed).

NOTE: The Kalvin Tér bus stop is actually on the main road called Üllői Út.

NOTE: With the return journey from Deák Ferenc Tér (Metro station) to Liszt Ferenc Airport (Terminal 2), the first two buses (4am and 4:30am) stop at the Astoria metro station for boarding purposes only; and at the Kalvin Tér metro station as standard for boarding purposes only.

Autóbusz Line Route Length Timetables
Autóbusz 5 Pasaréti Tér to Rákospalota, Kossuth Utca 58 Mins Download
Autóbusz 5 Rákospalota, Kossuth Utca to Pasaréti Tér Download
Autóbusz 7 Újpalota, Nyírpalota Út to Albertfalva Vasútállomás 50 Mins Download
Autóbusz 7 Albertfalva Vasútállomás to Újpalota, Nyírpalota Út Download
Autóbusz 7E Blaha Lujza Tér (M) to Újpalota, Nyírpalota Út 22 Mins Download
Autóbusz 7E Újpalota, Nyírpalota Út to Blaha Lujza Tér (M) Download
Autóbusz 7G Cinkotai Autóbuszgarázs to Újpalota, Nyírpalota Út 25 Mins Download
Autóbusz 8E Kelenföld Vasútállomás (M) to Újpalota, Nyírpalota Út 62 Mins Download
Autóbusz 8E Újpalota, Nyírpalota Út to Kelenföld Vasútállomás (M) Download
Autóbusz 9 Óbuda, Bogdáni Út to Kőbánya Alsó Vasútállomás 56 Mins Download
Autóbusz 9 Kőbánya Alsó Vasútállomás to Óbuda, Bogdáni Út Download
Autóbusz 11 Batthyány Tér (M+H) to Nagybányai Út 18 Mins Download
Autóbusz 11 Nagybányai Út to Batthyány Tér (M+H) Download
Autóbusz 13 Budatétény Vasútállomás (Campona) to Diósd, Búzavirág Utca 26 Mins Download
Autóbusz 13 Diósd, Búzavirág Utca to Budatétény Vasútállomás (Campona) Download
Autóbusz 13A Budatétény Vasútállomás (Campona) to Diósd, Sashegyi Út 26 Mins Download
Autóbusz 13A Diósd, Sashegyi Út to Budatétény Vasútállomás (Campona) Download
Autóbusz 15 Boráros Tér (H) to Gyöngyösi Utca (M) 49 Mins Download
Autóbusz 15 Gyöngyösi Utca (M) to Boráros Tér (H) Download
Autóbusz 16 Deák Ferenc Tér (M) to Széll Kálmán Tér (M) 5 Mins Download
Autóbusz 16 Széll Kálmán Tér (M) to Deák Ferenc Tér (M) Download
Autóbusz 16A Dísz Tér to Széll Kálmán Tér (M) 5 Mins Download
Autóbusz 16A Széll Kálmán Tér (M) to Dísz Tér Download
Autóbusz 20E Keleti Pályaudvar (M) to Káposztásmegyer, Szilas-Patak 32 Mins Download
Autóbusz 20E Káposztásmegyer, Szilas-Patak to Keleti Pályaudvar (M) Download
Autóbusz 21 Széll Kálmán Tér (M) to Csillebérc, KFKI 24 Mins Download
Autóbusz 21 Csillebérc, KFKI to Széll Kálmán Tér (M) Download
Autóbusz 21A Széll Kálmán Tér (M) to Normafa 20 Mins Download
Autóbusz 21A Normafa to Széll Kálmán Tér (M) Download
Autóbusz 22 Széll Kálmán Tér (M) to Budakeszi, Tesco-Parkcenter 28 Mins Download
Autóbusz 22 Budakeszi, Tesco-Parkcenter to Széll Kálmán Tér (M) Download
Autóbusz 22A Széll Kálmán Tér (M) to Budakeszi, Dózsa György Tér 23 Mins Download
Autóbusz 22A Budakeszi, Dózsa György Tér to Széll Kálmán Tér (M) Download
Autóbusz 23 Boráros Tér (H) to Pesterzsébet, Ady Endre Tér 27 Mins Download
Autóbusz 23 Pesterzsébet, Ady Endre Tér to Boráros Tér (H) Download
Autóbusz 23A Boráros Tér (H) to Pesterzsébet, Ady Endre Tér 23 Mins Download
Autóbusz 23A Pesterzsébet, Ady Endre Tér to Boráros Tér (H) Download

If the above autobusz line pdf files have been updated by BKK whereby the above links no longer work, you can download these older versions. The stops and timetables should not have changed that much, if at all.

For more information, about other lines and timetables for example, visit the BKK Public Transport RoutesPublic Transport Timetables web page.

TIP: If you are going to buy a 24 Hour travel pass, get one from a railway station as it will be a printed version (as shown in the right column above) - You just show it to metro staff or bus drivers instead of inserting it into an orange ticket-validation machine each time. I saw so many people miss their metro train due to time wasted validating their ticket in the machine.