Basic Hungarian

If you need to learn Basic Hungarian WebsiteBasic Hungarian, with common words and useful sentences you can use in everyday conversation and situations.....

Basic Hungarian might find the above website useful.

Daily Travel Pass

This 24 Hour travel pass is valid on the metro, tram, trolley bus, bus and boat in and around Budapest city centre.

Daily Travel PassDaily Travel Pass

It is ideal for visiting residential areas as well as tourist areas.

Emergency - 112

104 is the telephone number of the HU service. The Fire/Rescue WebsiteFire Brigade use 105 and 107. These services might not speak and/or understand English though.

EU 112 Emergency ServiceEU 112 Emergency Service

The EU has provided 112 for you to dial in an emergency. It works anywhere within Europe and is free to call.

Living In Budapest, Hungary

The 24h, 48h, 72h Budapest Discount Card

If you are looking for a 'value for money' way of getting to know Budapest, for property and/or tourist reasons, you might want to try the Budapest Card WebsiteBudapest Card, which gives between 10% and 50% discount off Public Transport, Discounted Restaurants ListRestaurants, Museums, Sightseeing Tours, Thermal SPAs, Budapest Zoo WebsiteBudapest Zoo, The Botanical Garden WebsiteThe Botanical Garden, Leisure Activities and much more. There are three types of Budapest Card - 24 Hours, 48 Hours and 72 Hours.

Budapest Tourist Cards

The three Budapest tourist cards offer plenty of discounts for tourists

You can buy a Budapest Card from Tourist Attractions, Licensed Agents, Metro Stations, Railway Stations, Travel Agents, Licensed Hoteliers and Online (Budapest Card WebsiteBudapest Card). Other places are listed at the bottom of this web page.

The Budapest Card is valid for one person only and currently costs 9,900 HUF (72 Hours), 7,900 HUF (48 Hours) or 4,900 HUF (24 Hours). Children pay the same price.

A purchased Budapest Card does NOT need to be validated (see below) straight away, upon purchase or collection. You can actually leave it unused/unvalidated for up to one year if you wish. Note though: An unused/unvalidated Budapest Card cannot and will not be refunded.


Prior to first using your Budapest Card, you MUST validate it by filling out the required information on the back of it.

Begin by entering the date on which you would like your Budapest Card to start - Fill in the MONTH and DAY boxes, in Hungarian date format (MM/DD), using numbers ONLY (NOT letters). Then fill in the HOUR box with the last (expiry) hour of your Budapest Card, using the 24 Hour clock format. Again, use numbers ONLY and NOT letters.

Validate Budapest Card

You MUST validate your Budapest Card with a MONTH, DAY, HOUR and SIGNATURE.

Example: Entering 10 inside the MONTH box, 25 inside the DAY box and 16 inside the HOUR box would mean you want your Budapest Card to start on October 25th at 16:00. This in turn would mean on the last day of the card's expiry (i.e. on October 26th for a 24 hour card), it would be valid up until 16:00 (technically 15:59) on that last day (i.e. October 26th).


Losing Time - NOTE WELL: If you start your Budapest Card at 16:29 for example, and therefore enter 16 into the HOUR box, your Budapest card will only be valid until 16:00 the next day; and NOT until 16:29 the next day.

With this in mind, try and 'first use' your Budapest Card on or just past the hour (i.e. at 16:01); if you want every minute to count. It is very easy to be roaming around Budapest at 09:00 for example whereby you then decide to use a tourist attraction at 09:47 and therefore have to validate your Budapest Card with 09 in the HOUR box; losing you 47 minutes on its last day.


Once you have filled out the MONTH, DAY and HOUR boxes, put your signature inside the SIGNATURE box. Only then, with all that information filled out, will your Budapest Card be valid and ready for use.


Below I have listed some other outlets that sell the Budapest Card.

Place Address/Map Business Hours Phone E-mail Website
Budapest International Airport GPS: N 47 26.308 E 19 15.138Terminals 2A Mon-Sun: 8am - 11pm 06 1 296 9696 E-mail BUD
Budapest International Airport GPS: N 47 26.308 E 19 15.138Terminals 2B Mon-Sun: 10am - 10pm 06 1 296 9696 E-mail BUD
Tourist Information Centre GPS: N 47 29.808 E 19 03.244Sütő Utca 2 Mon-Sun: 7am - 7pm 06 1 438 8080 E-mail TourInform