Ice Skating

Szeged's Ice Skating Rink, located next to the Pick Salami factory, is only open from late September to April.

Szeged Ice Skating Rink

An adult ticket costs 850 HUF (around £2.20) for 2 Hours and a child ticket (child aged between 4 and 14), pensioner ticket and student ticket (student under 26 years old) cost 700 HUF (under £2). You can bring your own roller skates or hire them for 1,000 HUF (under £3).


Szeged Parapark WebsiteParapark is like the Crystal Maze UK TV programme whereby you have 60 Minutes to get out of the park, solving puzzles along the way.

Szeged ParaPark

You must be in a group of 2-5 People to solve the puzzles - 2 people cost 6,990 Ft (around £19.74). Tünde's son and Hungarian friends went here and said it was great fun.

Home Cooking

Easy Cook Meals is a cooking section of this website I created for people living in HU, perhaps on a budget, with absolutely no cooking experience, who want to know how to cook basic meals.

Cooking In Hungary

I have included a few of Tünde's Hungarian dishes together with their Hungarian ingredient names.

Szeged Indoor Leisure, Recreational, Sports Activities

Activities You Can Do In Your Spare Time

This web page has been created primarily with the sporty, leisure active, adventurous person in mind while mentioning relaxing recreations too. It highlights certain, free and pay-for, INDOOR leisure activities you can try/enjoy in and around Szeged such as Swimming, Fitness/Gym, Roller Skating, Massage, Billiards and Skydiving.

Some activities have their own web page with more information and photographs that can be seen when you click on their respective "Read More / View The Photos" link.

Szeged Swimming Pools - WATER SLIDES PARK

If you need somewhere to take the kids/family for the whole day and love swimming, water slides, heated pools and saunas you need to visit the Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis Szeged WebsiteNapfényfürdõ Aquapolis water park. It has plenty of indoor and outdoor water slides and swimming pools for all age groups, massage/sauna areas, food areas, a baby crèche and special/seasonal offers.

Water Slides Information Web PageSwimming Water Slides

The indoor water slides can send you around the twist!

Tünde, her children and me have been there plenty of times now and we have enjoyed every visit. Read More InformationRead More / View The Photos...

Szegi Fitness (Gymnasium)

Szeged 6724, József Attila Sugárút 115, Hungary
MOB: 06 20 578 3440
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 16.276 E 20 09.527GPS Map
Monday - Friday: 6am - 10pm
Saturday: 8am - 8pm
Sunday: 8am - 8pm

Szegi Fitness is quite a big gymnasium that caters for both men and women with pure weights, running machines, stair-masters, push/pull/lift weight machines, aerobics classes and personal trainers among other things. There equipment is very professional and modern with many different types of push, pull and lift weight machines for most, if not all, muscles.

A one-day pass, which costs 1,000 HUF (£2.66), entitles you to stay in the gym all day. Highly recommended if you need to try out the gym and its equipment first. There is no induction, just pay and use the gym. Personal trainers are on hand to make sure you know how to use the machines properly - Just ask them if you need help. There is also a monthly pass that costs 7,500 HUF (around £20).

Szeged Fitness Gym

Friendly Staff/Trainers - Plenty Of Machines - Affordable Prices - Open Long Hours

The good thing about this gym is there are plenty of weights and machines and nobody I saw was intimidating or hogging the machines. Quite the opposite. I made friends quite easily. If you prefer to weight train at home, you can buy weights from Decathlon.


The National Lottery game in Hungary is called Lotto 5/90 - You pick five numbers out of a possible ninety for your chance to win millions of forints. Simply visit a Lottozó Shop, put five Xs on the 5/90 paper, take it to the counter and pay 225 HUF (around 60p).

Hungarian National Lottery

Pick 5 numbers out of 90 numbers for your chance to win millions.....of Forints!

There is also a Joker tick box if you want to play the separate joker game whereby you need to match the joker balls with your normal lotto balls; similar to the bonus balls in the Euromillion and UK Lottery games. You can check if you have won the Saturday draw by visiting the Official Hungarian Lottery WebsiteOfficial Hungarian Lottery Website.

Decathlon (Sports Shop)

6728 Szeged, Magyarország Zápor Utca 4, Hungary
TEL: 06 62 710 200
E-mail  -  Website  -  Facebook  -  GPS: N 46 16.406 E 20 06.295GPS Map
Monday - Saturday: 9am - 8pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm

This place is great for those needing personal gym equipment in their home, such as dumbbells and weights. It is where I bought my set of 10KG Dumbbells, sold in a nice hard plastic carry case, for 11,800 HUF (£31.46). It worked out cheaper to get the set rather than individual weights, but obviously if you need individual weights.....

Running machines, weight benches, stair masters, skipping ropes and sports clothing are among the items you can buy in-store. They do a range of mountain bikes too.

Health & Beauty In Szeged - MASSAGE & SPA

If you are the sort of person who enjoys a relaxing massage, deep tissue massage or water massage after a hard cycle/run or long walk there are a number of places you can visit, such as the massage areas within the Napfényfürdõ Aquapolis water park or local beauty spas found in and around the city centre, but here I will recommend Massziroz-Lak (Massage House) managed by Peter Mészáros. Massziroz-Lak is located about 15 Minutes from the tourist area.

I met Peter by accident when I was locating Massziroz-Lak as part of my research for this website and Hungarian massage in general. I can honestly say he is a very pleasant, friendly, professional person as are his masseuses and business practice. He also speaks fluent English.

His massage room and reception area are exceptionally clean, beautifully lit, and homely (not clinical looking). I had a deep tissue massage that really did make me feel better, especially after all my walking around Szeged conducting tourist research. The massage was very professional and cost 3,000 HUF (£8) at that time. Now the salon has moved and the basic massage price is 3,290 HUF (£8.77).

Szeged Massage

In Szeged you can get a professional massage for 3,290 HUF - Around £8.77 ONLY!

Polite Notice - Walk-In/Appointment Massage Salons in Hungary do NOT provide "Extra Services", unlike in the London (UK) where "Extra Services" are 'the norm'. In Szeged they are professional and therefore use towels to cover you up and never massage the private parts of your body.

The above said does not mean you can not find "Dirty Massage" or Prostitution services in Szeged. You can if you look on the Internet or visit the Romanian Gypsy 'Street Hookers' who parade alongside GPS: N 46 14.759 E 20 07.329Móravárosi Körút and Cserepes Sor simply because most major cities, and many smaller cities, around the world have these services. However, in Szeged such services are kept hidden/secret and not as openly advertised as in the UK for example.

NOTE WELL: It is not for me to judge the rights and wrongs of prostitution services or the people that offer/operate them. People need to survive these days and people without partners have their needs. I am just making you aware that while Móravárosi Körút is the location of the Napfény Park shopping centre (at one end) and Szeged Zoo (at the other end), it is also the location where 'Street Hookers' operate (between the shopping centre and zoo) whereby you might openly see the prostitutes while visiting that area of Szeged. The prostitutes are harmless though (they do not approach you).